If this becomes less than an experience of mere text, but instead, more of an experience-of experience-itself, then consider coming back round again for some writings.

Keep running yall. #Bostonmararhon #BAA #bostonstrong  (at Boston Public Library)
Boston Public Library 04/15/2013 Memorial  (at Boston Public Library)

12:00 The Belonged-less


Eyes stay steady watching the streams of people pass by without any notice of his condition. Near black pupils coated with beat red irritations. He’s too dignified to beg, although he knows he needs more than their spare change can give. In the most fashionable attire he could salvage from the…

Thur 9:20 Ever Present

Meandering through a world uncertain, we doubt, we challenge, and we persist in spite of what obfuscates a path to security and comfort. Often lost in the between of trials and tribulations and caught within great suffering we truly find ourselves in the space where pain, pleasure, and this ongoing desire to persist resides. Chasing what we know not and believing whole heartedly in a future not guaranteed, something other and more than we are comes over us from outside of us. Despite not being entirely ulterior to our very being, we attune and identify with this alterity. Becoming other than what we presently are and being altered by that which we are not, a simple truth comes forth through great strife and we remain ever present. 

Tue 10:40 Grace

Slowly trickling in and beginning to coat glossy oak woods, a particularly warm yellow shimmer makes its way towards bedposts and cushioned postures. Not nearly awake but not wholesomely enveloped in dreams, hands coast the tops of linens, searching for the grace and touch of that Other. Content in these little moments, a lingering giddiness of certain frivolities both past and present coax simpers that are met with a subtle recognition. In between caressing hips and hands, a gaze into nothing comes over us and we are entrenched in a sensation that is lost in words. Beyond comprehension, we know not what is present but only that it is here and it is right and that we deserve every single second of it. 

Beginning to remember that Spring is well worth wait in New England  (at Boston Public Garden)
The good life.
What does this mean?
Good night Beantown.
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."  Aristotle

Sat 2:20 Eastern Sunrise

Rising early we catch the sunrise slowly arching across these Vermont mountain sides. Met with a brisk north eastern wind, we remain bundled up within wrinkled down and linens strewn atop shoulders and hips. A yellow warmth gleams in from east and coats everything visible leaving no other response but to outstretch hands and feet in opposing directions. Following the golden radiance of this morning, we wake, slow, heady, and complete with serenity.

Fri 7:50 Their Future

Following the winding bends and dips over troughs and past tribulations we find ourselves in the midst of a never ending emergence of this thing we call experience. Transversely, we bridge the world of idealisms and that cold reality of possibilities lacking fruition with this pestering sensation lingering somewhere within us. A sensation that speaks to lofty ambitions of our youth, this persistence held within them that their lives are entirely in their control and further, that the future is theirs alone.

Mon 5:40 Spring Theater


The whirlwind of emotions, sentiment, lingering notions of what if’s takes flight once more against this back drop of confusion hovering above these extended nights and elongated mornings. It appears as if time has brought back the cyclical frenzy of bubbling concerns into matters not so dramatic but not so quaint as to go unnoticed.

Directing thoughts through a myriad of possibilities, the projection of what is really happening in between coffee side conversations and midnight whispers amongst two finds a canvas, which details the separation between what we think vs. what is contrary. On this canvas the spectacle of theater becomes a complete act as we seem to be get lost in the roles we play, forgoing and forgetting the individual behind the script. 

Tue 1:40 Tempered Emotions

Lips that offer more than just a symbol of comfort.  Eyes that display the nature of beauty untainted.  Hands that grasp the primordial meaning of care.  An intellect that idolizes the promise of unconditional compassion.

She queues for an introduction.  Eyes dart from prone erratic directionless wonder to a friendly fixation upon mine.  A growing smile becomes of us, the initial delight of romantic chemistry.  We share a gaze and a table.  Immediate infatuation fills our thoughts with warm tempered emotions radiating from our chests.  Blushes in-between fluttered eyelashes test ones ability to re-compose, to re-control desires.  Should we speak or draw this out further?  

I’m back!

Hello all,

I hope your holidays are joyous and bright and that you truly are in good spirits. As for myself, I’ve been incredibly busy. So busy in fact that I have begun to neglect that craft so dear to many of us. However, this too shall change and I have begun to write again and thus I apologize and wish to share with you some work.

Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Happy Holidays,