If this becomes less than an experience of mere text, but instead, more of an experience-of experience-itself, then consider coming back round again for some writings.

Streaming Dreams

Untethered in the afternoons, we wander though city streets moving onward into menial activities for some future sake currently unknown. Our days spent meandering about unkempt ideas, loosely contemplative we direct our motions without thoughts. Waking states take on the forms that only the unimaginative can interpret. However haphazard these events may be, temporality remains latent as we find ourselves present-again in new experiences.

Reinserted into the grid we now return ourselves to The Network. What we find in these purely neural communities is this new shared experience of dreaming. Those days of IPv6 and HTML were pivotal if not premature steps towards this ulterior kind of inter-experience. Plugged in, dream states occur amongst those online, weaving together a truly global consciousness. Self expression steams across fiber optics simultaneously uploading and downloading onto our 21 century servers. No longer do we need to upgrade our technology for our bodies have become our hardware and will continuously self-evolve. This new norm of shared dreaming highlights an ever shifting trend in human creativity for creation and interaction now possible by way of this new direct link between neural networks, both yours and mine.

  • 22 June 2011
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