If this becomes less than an experience of mere text, but instead, more of an experience-of experience-itself, then consider coming back round again for some writings.

The Natural

Navigating through an endless array of technologies, that now distant notion of naturality becomes increasingly unrecognizable. As ways and means come and go, it appears as if that most primal relationship to the ground abstracts into total obscurity. Uprooted and possibly usurped by technological relations, we dwell somewhere slightly above an earth now obfuscated by concrete surfaces.

Even now, in this halfway relation to soil, we are perplexed in our proposals of a pure notion of The Natural. Here, we hesitate to think forth into just how far removed we are from means un-technical, and the danger of knowing no other way. For, it is remarkably dangerous to found a relationship upon the structure of one-way and one-means, which in its singularity, encompasses the whole of certain livelihoods.

Or perhaps, we are wrong in our assumption that The Natural is indeed real. Perhaps we have lost that ability to conjoin with the ground in sustenance and we are now somewhat sentimental about a past which was never ours.

  • 24 June 2011
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