If this becomes less than an experience of mere text, but instead, more of an experience-of experience-itself, then consider coming back round again for some writings.

Wed 4:15 Restless Nights

Angles to the lines stretched across the sides of her eyes curve further as smiles bend upright. Met with growing laughter and casual affection the silence to this setting speaks to the exclusivity of our attentions, each directed towards the Others gaze. Watchful we take notice of otherwise peripheral details; shades to the folds and contours of wrists, subtle shifts to underlying tendon. Observing upwards we peer towards tear ducts encasing well cupped pupils, each only partially visible atop woven linens. Weighty lids droop heavy on deep browns, lashes flutter against the desire to remain awake. Not ready to dream, we drift in and out of present-moments, attempting to stray onward into restless nights.

  • 20 July 2011
  • 48